CROBOTS's interesting links

CROBOTS's aficionados and clones

  • CoreWar - the Ultimate Programming Game
  • Crobots32 package: Crobots for Win95/NT with new features! Written by Mikhail Verkhovski: (112kB).
  • Probots v4: all robots are written in Pascal, with several differences and extensions: probots4.arj (350kB).
  • PCrobots: all robots can be written in Turbo Pascal, Turbo C/C++ and Turbo Assembler, with several differences and extensions: (110kB).
  • TRobots: the robots are written in BASIC: (96kB).
  • A (rather different) clone of Crobots, for Windows: WinRob (650kB).
  • Crobots server for robots written in C++, available via e-mail: C++ Robots.
  • Crobots server, for robots written in Java:
  • RealTimeBattle where you can run up to 120 robots simultaneously! All programming languages are supported; it runs via TCP/IP connection ( mirror)
  • RoboCode, robots written in Java. Machine indipendent server. A vast repository with forums, source codes, tips. Sponsored and supported by IBM!
  • The Michelangelo Messina's Crobots page
  • Crobots-3D